You’re weird … I’m different


Let’s be honest here … we all have our own distinctive ways of doing things.

Some are probably picked up from family or friends over many years, but some are distinctly our own.

Is this a real problem? I hear you ask.

Possibly not, but have you ever considered why some people think your personal quirks are strange?

Or, more to the point, why you don’t realise that your unusual habits … are, well, in fact unusual.

I must confess to one … which I think is really harmless.

And there is a reason for it … which explains why I started in the first place … but not why I keep doing it!

My ‘difference’ only happens at the service station (not just my local but anywhere) and it occurs when I’m using the petrol bowser.

Doesn’t matter what octane rating (must be petrol of course) but it relates to how much fuel I use.

Here are the symptoms. When I pull up at bowser #3 I always add fuel with a dollar value ending with the number exactly equal to the bowser number, e.g. $63.00 or $73.00, whatever.

Now I think that’s harmless enough … I hope you do, and no one gets hurt.

I’m happy to explain why I started doing this if you’re interested. Use comments below to let me know.

But why I keep doing it, well that’s another story.

Oh, BTW, if you want to share your own little secret please let me know … I will understand.

As the French would say, Vive la différence!

CONTRIBUTOR – Drew Martin: Historical construction equipment is the on-going fascination of this Wollongong-based and now retired earthmover. And it was this strange obsession, together with senior links with the industry and the characters within it, that were the catalyst for his professional writing career and the original reason for adopting a pen name. After appearing each month for nearly a decade with his popular and always controversial Ripping Yarns column in the trade magazine The Earthmover & Civil Contractor Drew next tried his hand at children’s books with his REX-3 The Robot Excavator series being published well before Bob the Builder first appeared on bookshelves. In recent years DM has largely turned his attention online and continues to amuse a younger audience with his original way of looking at what most other people consider completely normal life.


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