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This blog has always championed innovation to SMEs but will Innovation still have a major role to play in a post pandemic world?

Understandably everyone’s focus is currently on surviving COVID-19 but, as the days and weeks (and months) pass, no doubt people increasingly will start to wonder: ‘What will our lives look like when it’s finally over?’

Will everything revert to exactly how it was before? Or will there be changes and if so ‘What will be the main differences?’

Given the mass unemployment and financial impact already (and still growing) it seems evident that things will definitely NOT be exactly the same!

So, what are the likely areas to change significantly?
(Here’s my take in no particular order)

1: Jobs

Jobs will have to be a major difference. And will you get your old job back ‘as is’ or will it be changed?

2: Lifestyle issues

Such as taking overseas holidays and visiting restaurants will be severely impacted, at least initially … and could take years to finally recover to resemble the good ole days.

3: Priorities

Some might suggest that the biggest (and totally unexpected) bonus the coronavirus has given has been creating the time for people to reflect on the truly important things in their lives.

Surprising to many is that the answer isn’t purchasing the latest luxury motor vehicle or acquiring a more prestigious address.

If you haven’t worked it out already, Health trumps (excuse the pun) everything else … followed quickly by Family … all the other supposedly important ‘things’ in our lives are only distant followers.

Based on the above can I suggest that when considering Priorities #1 & #2 in future you first think about how they will likely impact on #3, i.e. your Health and Family.

Given my suggested new priorities it seems unlikely that simply reverting to your ole ways will be the best way forward – and that’s if circumstances actually make this a possibility.

Which finally leads to this blog’s raison d’etre … Innovation.

Yes. Innovation will be more important than ever.

As I have written elsewhere, Innovation is basically problem-solving. And it seems to me there is one thing for sure … there are going to be plenty of problems to explore and resolve.

In future WOL blogs I will outline how SMEs can identify opportunities and turn ‘Problems into Profits’. BTW this is the sub-title of my latest eBook ‘Innovation Re-Imagined’ (please forgive the plug).

Dr Andrew M Connery is the Director of Innovation at CTPM Australasia and has been active online since 2001. Andrew completed his PhD at the UOW’s Sydney Business School in 2015 his doctoral dissertation ‘Overcoming Barriers to the Introduction of Perceived Disruptive Innovations in to Rigid Efficient Systems’.

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