Paying for Posts … what’s that about?

Over the last few years Facebook has been working on monetising their product. Never more so since they were floated on the stock market.

One of the most common questions I get from clients when handling their social media is “why do I have to pay to deliver my message when I already have all these people who liked my page?”

It’s a justified question really and one that has a lot of businesses and social experts upset, especially when the product, not too long ago, was completely free.

Why should you have to pay when the customer has already liked your page?

Now, in explaining this, I would make it perfectly clear first that although I understand and accept the monetary value placed on distributing material, I also believe that Facebook exploits this and has not yet standardised their methods. Not unlike Google and their practices.

Anyway back to the point. Although marketing and social marketing have changed there are still key elements that apply when “paying for a post” in social.

Advertising 101 always talks about the 3 RULE. It takes a minimum of 3 times before a message may be even seen by an individual before it can start to be effective. A minimum 3 times viewed, read or heard ,on any medium, before any branding, promotion or message can even be comprehended.

So what does that mean here?

Well, by paying for a post, it is not only important that the message gets out to as many people as possible but that that single message will be generated at different times and will continue to be generated until the funds are depleted on that post.
This is basically taking on the 3 RULE that has been a strong methodology in traditional advertising.

Two things to consider when paying for a post on Facebook. The first is, be careful of the content. Don’t always be looking to sell.

If the only paid posts are products or services you’re selling then that will wear down your customers and eventual they will tune out, or worse “UNLIKE”

The second is, there are two options in paying for a post “people who have liked you and their friends” and “people outside your page”.

Have a plan on who you choose when paying for a post, either way.

Remember it’s not always about building numbers. So if you are always paying for people outside your page to build numbers and not looking after your “LIKES” and being engaging then those people have no reason to stay or interact.

Basic SOCIAL 101 is, keep who you have happy and engaged and they will do the selling for you!

The truth is paying for post is here to stay and Facebook will always be looking to generate income other ways. Simple fact, they built the highway, it’s up to you to choose to pay to drive on it.

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