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CW_zealousin2 One of the benefits of living just down the road from Sydney is that in certain businesses you can build up a steady clientele base and still enjoy the benefits of living in Wollongong.

What it also allows you to see is the difference in the business mentality of Wollongong and Sydney. Of course, as we all know, there are many circumstances that contribute to those differing mentalities, the biggest being the financial aspect and the larger cash flow associated with Sydney marketplace.

In recent years, with the adaption of social media into business, there is again a different mindset on how to utilise this medium. Sydney businesses, and even certain individuals, are jumping on the social media bandwagon and
relishing the opportunity “social” has given them. We all know corporate businesses are now moving quickly to implement social strategies. (The ASX even announced during the week that they are introducing new rules for listed companies to increase their monitoring aspects of social media.)

Listed companies are required to monitor the internet (to comply with their continuous disclosure obligations), and now we are seeing how small to medium businesses, in Sydney, are quickly adapting to the changing social business scene.

Business in Wollongong, however, seems to have taken a different view to adapting to social media. There is a hesitance and a real lack of understanding. Businesses here even seem to be bothered by the fact there is this annoying new medium, related to the internet, that takes up too much of their time.

Of course, like all things, this isn’t the view of every Wollongong business. There are some out there really embracing this forum and making it their own. However on the whole, there seems a mental shift of Wollongong businesses, that this is just too hard and “what would I need that for” reasoning.

There will even be those who will read this article and think “social media … waste of time, too much hard work, doesn’t work, why would I want to do that”.

You, of course, can have your opinion but the truth is that those businesses that don’t implement a social media strategy will fall behind and find it harder to deal in their respective marketplace.

Back in Sydney businesses and individuals are using their social media to help lift their profile, present new brands, give out critical information. For example, a known Sydney television presenter is using social media to enhance her passion for healthy living and branding it to help her launch a television series on alternative and mainstream healthy lifestyle choices (see video below). Through this medium she has slowly built up the brand and work on growing an audience to help lift the series’ creditability. Before social media this would have been a massive undertaking.

Social Media production from Zealous In

We all know that when you start and own a business you should plan out your business strategy, your marketing strategy and financial strategy. And these days we should also strategise our social business aspect – from what sort of social mediums the business should use, to who in the business runs and implements strategy, through to “social media” policies related to your work force.

What has to be realised is that “social media” is now ingrained in the community, from individuals to sporting teams … to high corporate businesses.

This is a level playing field that anyone can enter. So ignoring it, or putting it into the “too hard basket” is no longer a choice.

The reality is “social media” is here to stay. For now!

The power of video

PRODUCER & CONFESSED SOCIAL THERAPIST , Christopher D Whitmore: 21 years’ experience in Television production and advertising. Chris has also seen the changing face of production and has geared his knowledge towards online video. Chris currently manages and operates Zealous In television, design & social media. Zealous In is a full service agency that can handle production through to media buying and online presence. Chris, along with Dimjen Pty Ltd, founded Zealous In from the notion of being eager, passionate, enthusiastic and intense in regards to multimedia and what it encompasses.

Chris heads up the video production side of WOL. He writes and producers all the video content with the sub-editor and contributors.

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