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Retail fights back with new mobile technology

SalePlate has introduced technology to aid the retail industry in its fight to attract and keep customers. SalePlate, a mobile application services the retail industry allowing “Bricks and Mortar” stores to use mobile technology to attract physical customers.

The SalePlate App is the first release in a campaign labelled “Retail Fights Back”. The architect of the application Mr Greg Dodd is an accountant who saw a need to bring retail out of the doldrums and utilise technology to counter the growing on-line shopping trend.

SalePlate is free to download allowing users to locate stores that have listed specials directly from their Smart Phone. The specials are listed buy category within a 5klm radius or, by utilising the map function, deals can be located anywhere in the world.

“No other mobile application provider has made this kind of commitment to working with the retail industry, which we see as a natural extension of our business,” said Greg Dodd, founder and CEO. “Consumers want to have the social experience of shopping whilst utilising their time to nd exactly what they are looking for at the right price”

Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Whitmore, says “I see this tool as a simple low entry point for retail to compete against online shopping and daily deal sites.“This is NOT a Daily Deal Site, rather this is a tool allowing retailers to cheaply and easily deliver their deal information directly into the hands of customers.”

Chris also goes on to say “Retailers are using social media sites like Facebook & Instragram but never had a dedicated avenue to direct deals and promotions through the mobile device. We see this as a tool to work along side traditional and developing forms of advertising”.

No more huge commissions

SalePlate allows retailers to list deals on a daily basis for the cost of a cup of coffee, no commissions and no being told when and how the adds will be run.

SalePlate is free to download and simplicity is the key. A deal can be uploaded and “Live” in under three minutes from either a computer or a smart phone.

SalePlate, based in Wollongong, was founded in 2013.
Contact Greg Dodd +61 2 42266522


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