Editorial & Production


PRODUCER & CONFESSED SOCIAL THERAPIST , Christopher D Whitmore: 21 years experience in Television production and advertising . Chris has also seen the changing face of production and has geared his knowledge towards online video. Chris currently manages and operates Zealous In television, design & social media. Zealous In is a full service agency that can handle production through to media buying and online presence. Chris, along with Dimjen Pty Ltd, founded Zealous In from the notion of being eager, passionate, enthusiastic and intense in regards to multimedia and what it encompasses.

Chris heads up the video production side of WOL. He writes and producers all the video content with the sub-editor and contributors.

Best way to contact is by email : chris@zealousin.com.au


EDITOR, Andrew M Connery: A pioneer in social media and active online since early 2001 heads up the Editorial team. Andrew is currently undertaking doctoral research at the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Wollongong. A B2B marketing practitioner by profession his specialty area is local search and until July 2011 he was a Senior Trainer for the Federal Government’s Small Business Online program. His latest project is a joint venture with Barnetts Couriers to introduce 24/7 smart lockers for online purchases.

Andrew heads up the editorial side of WOL. He writes and arranges all the content liaising with the sub-editor and contributors. He is the first contact with contributors and sponsors and works in with Chris for video production and Lindsay regarding advertising opportunities.

Best way to contact is by email : andrewmconnery@gmail.com

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